House comp 2017 - the results

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Massive thanks to everyone who came down today for another excellent House Comp. We were loving the happy happy vibe this year, with so much positivity and phenomenal skating. Everyone pushed it from the smaller shredders to the pro/ sponsored. It was a big thrill to see our first ever Girls Comp at The House go down so perfectly, with everyone getting behind it – the high standard of the skating was a great pay-off. And what else can we say that hasn't already been said about Ben Broyd shutting down the park by clinching the gap, not that the crowd gave him much choice. So props to everyone who came down, to The House staff, to those who skated and won and those who came close, to Ben and Horsey from Sidewalk, Vale Skatemag and all who filmed, facebooked and instagramed their way through the day. We owe you posterity. Cheers to our sponsors and to everyone who paid up and tucked in to the food stall's great offerings. We'll let you know how much you raised for the work of SkatePal once the total's in.

Next year The House will be the big 20, and we'll be celebrating in all sorts of crazy ways including the Comp, so for those of you who couldn't make it, next year will be a biggie. For those who came down, see you next year. THE HOUSE STAFF.


The Results:

12 and Under

  1. Tom Keatman

  2. Will Oxspring

  3. Eddie Lowe


16 and Under

  1. Joe Cordingley

  2. Logan Dell

  3. Lewis Blower


Over 16:

  1. Will Lester

  2. Jay Bex

  3. Tom Wildblood


Girls Comp

  1. Anita Arvy

  2. Freya Brooks

  3. Lola T.


Pro / Sponsored

  1. Ben Broyd

  2. Jordan Sharkey

  3. Miles Rushforth

House Skatepark Girls Sessions


We have teamed up with the House Skatepark and Santa Cruz to bring 6 fortnightly girls sessions, every other Saturday night starting September 9th!

Beginners are totally welcome - everyone is super friendly so if you need a hand with something, just ask!

As an incentive to come along each time, those who attend all 6 sessions will receive a goody bag! 😎


9th September
23rd September
7th October
21st October
4th November
18th November


*Sessions will cost £5 for the three hour skate and safety equipment / skateboards are available to hire*

See you there!